Welcome to West Mains School website

Welcome to our new West Mains School website. We hope you will find all the information you need on these pages. However please contact us if you have any questions, queries or suggestions.


Here in West Mains School we recognise the value of a genuine partnership with parents. Working together in partnership ensures that the children are supported to make the most of learning opportunities to fulfil their true potential and discover their unique strengths and talents.
Children and their needs are at the heart of our school. Our high expectations, dedication and professional expertise drive us to make every effort to provide the very best learning experiences in a safe, caring, inclusive and interesting environment.
Our stimulating, relevant curriculum supports the development of a wide range of knowledge, skills and experiences. We seek to provide opportunities to allow each child to develop real enthusiasm for learning.
We in West Mains School pride ourselves on having a welcoming atmosphere.  We know how important it is that you have a voice and feel able to join us in building our school community. We appreciate and value parental time and involvement. 

Christine Shaw
Acting Head Teacher


26-08-2019 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 26-08-2019 12:15

End Time: 26-08-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Starter: Oatcakes with Cheese Spread or Fruit Medley. Blue Meal: Spaghetti Bolognaise with Garlic Bread. Red Meal: Cheesy Beano. Yellow Meal (V) Cheesey Beano. Snack Selection: Banana Roll with Cheese and Apple Side. Veg of the Day: Sweetcorn. Sides: Bread, Salad Bar. Dessert: Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt. Drink: Water.

27-08-2019 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 27-08-2019 12:15

End Time: 27-08-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Starter: Lentil Soup or Fruit Medley Blue Meal: Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Corn on the Cob. Red Meal: Chicken Tikka Wrap with Corn on the Cob. Yellow Meal (V): Firecracker Pizza with Corn on the Cob. Snack Selection: Freshly Made Tuna Mayo Baguette. Veg of the Day: Corn on the Cob. Sides: Bread, Coleslaw, Salad Bar. Drink: Water. Dessert: Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt.

28-08-2019 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 28-08-2019 12:15

End Time: 28-08-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Starter: Cucumber Batons with Dip or Fruit Medley. Blue Meal: Chicken Curry with Boiled Rice and Naan Bread. Red Meal: Salmon Nibbles with Sweet Chilli Noodles. Yellow Meal (V): Quorn Curry with Boiled Rice and Naan Bread. Snack Selection: Freshly made Ham Sandwich. Veg of the Day: Broccoli, Carrots. Sides: Bread and Salad Bar. Dessert: Banana Sponge or Fresh Fruit. Drink: Water.

29-08-2019 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 29-08-2019 12:15

End Time: 29-08-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Starter: Tomato Soup or Fruit Medley. Blue Meal: Sausage in Finger Roll with Wedges. Red Meal: Macaroni Cheese with Wedges. Yellow Meal (V): Macaroni Cheese with Wedges. Snack Selection: Freshly Made Turkey Sandwich. Veg of the Day: Broccoli, Beans. Sides: Bread and Salad Bar. Dessert: Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt. Drink: Water.

30-08-2019 12:15: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 30-08-2019 12:15

End Time: 30-08-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Starter: Breadsticks with Dip or Fruit Medley. Blue Meal: Fish Fingers with Chips. Red Meal: Baked Potato with Beans or Cheese. Yellow Meal (V): Baked Potato with Beans or Cheese. Snack Selection: Freshly Made Chicken Sandwich. Veg of the Day: Peas, Beans. Sides: Bread and Salad Bar. Dessert: Fresh Fruit or Yoghurt. Drink: Water.


Taxi information afternoon

We are hosting an information afternoon with coffee, tea and cake for the taxi drivers and escorts on Wednesday 28th August.
We have invited all taxi drivers and escorts.
This is a time for school staff to get to know them. It is also opportunity to tell them more about West Mains School and strategies to support the children as they travel to and from school. The taxi staff are a valued part of the team who support your child and we are encouraging as many as possible to come along.


Lost clothing!

Please make sure all clothing and belongings is labeled with your child's name. If it can be taken off or get lost; label it!
There have been several upsets about clothing and belongings being lost, aquired by the wrong child and generally mixed up. 
Thank you for your suppport


welcome and reminder about nuts.

Welcome back!!
It was great to welcome all pupils  to school yesterday. It was an amazing first day with all settling remarkably well and all enthusiastic to begin learning in their new classes. 
Can I remind every one that all schools in South Lanarkshire are nut free. Pupils MUST NOT bring anything with nuts in to school. Both West Mains and Halfmerke have people who could have a life threatening allergic reaction to even small traces of nuts. Thank you for your support with this.


Information from Sandra Brathwaite, one of our speech and language therapists

See attached advert in the news section for details of the National Play Day event at Summerlee Museum on 7th August. It looks greeat fun with lots of activities designed to support play for all.


News from the classes

Keep checking the news section. Classes will be sharing some of their learning from the last weeks of school.


Sport's Day: Wednesday 26th June

Forecast for Wed is sunny! Please ensure your child has sun cream on before coming to school. Pupils can come to school in sport's kit: remember a jumper, the sun in East Kilbride can sometimes hide behind clouds! Keep watching App for news if wet.


Sports Day Reminder

Please note our school Sports Day will be held on Wednesday 26 June from 9.30 am till 12.00 noon. Please ensure your child is wearing casual, comfortable clothes (joggers/t-shirt/polo shirt) as well as bringing water to drink. Thank you.


Summer activities at ARCH

information in news section of great opportunities at ARCH during the summer


Assembly at church

The Assembly at Lindsey's church starts at 10:00 today: all families welcome


Family Evening TODAY

The Bouncy Castle has arrived! The Pupil Council requested a Bouncy castle in school: so we have booked one as part of this evenings health and well-being activities.